About Amanda Danielle

So, about that music I was telling you about….

Still figuring out how to upload my ITUNES on this thing! Be patient with me. I’m still learning.


My name is Amanda Danielle. Everyone refers to me as Amanda. Now its pronounced Ah-mun-duh not Ah-man-duh if you were almost sure you would pronounce it correctly. I love people! I love everything about people and its weird because even when I hate the things that people do, I still know that I love them. I am what you call a humanitarian by nature. I am only happy when my actions are bettering those around me. Does that make me selfless? I am not quite sure but I DO know this..

My life’s mission is to renew and rebuild and restore my generation and inspire others to create, innovate, and personalize their dreams to better themselves and better the world around them. This mission is not a one day thing. Note the words life’s mission. This cannot happen overnight! Everyday I want to talk with you and share my thoughts. Feel free to chime in at any time and tell me what you think. Help me help you! Don’t take away the joy that I feel from empowering, inspiring, and coaching you! After all, that would be selfish of you! 😉

To learn more about me, click on the Discussions Section. Hopefully, I will have the music together by then. Again, I am still learning friend. See you there!




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