The Day that I Realized that Its Not About Me Was the Day the World Became A Better Place


So you know how they say that its not about you and you need to get over yourself? Well, that actually happened to me. How could such a self-centered, all about me person ever get over the stuff that blocks me from being the best person I could become?  Let me tell you. I started looking for ways to help others people. I was helping people ON PURPOSE! Now, before I was helping people as a volunteer with countless nonprofit organizations and such but it was precalculated. To be honest, the very first time that I volunteered, it was in the 9th grade when I needed to spruce up my resume for college. It was not until after high school, that I realized that helping people created a new happy space for me.

This happy space is a compilation of knowing that my actions directly influenced someone else’s life! How powerful is that? It didn’t cost me anything but the rewards were endless. I started meeting new people. Not just anyone but people who are similar to me in a number of ways! In just one month of testing the waters and writing about what I love, more than 100 people responded! I wrote about my city and all of the things that I wanted to do to fix the lasting issues. I became an officer of an organization that allows me to reach the community in all the ways that I dreamed about. Did I mention that this all happened in only ONE month? Yes! The universe aligned itself to make a way for me.

The universe only aligned itself for me because I stopped making it about me. When you help people, you help yourself. I’ll give you a live example: I wanted to start a nonprofit to increase community development. I reached out to organizations that did just that and now I am in a position where I have supporters for my own organization! Now, had I just wrote down my ideas and never put them into action, I would not have my nonprofit launching THIS SUMMER! 😀

So, my nonprofit is designed to do things that the state and local government would like to see done (maybe) but are restricted against. Don’t worry, I will upload all of the information on my organization once I get the fine details copyrighted and trademarked!

So the lesson here is to make sure that you stop making it about yourself so that you can really get your blessing. Ironic? Yes! Crucial? Double Yes!

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